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Remedies & Wellness Programs
This information is for your educational purposes.  It is not meant to be used as a means to diagnose or treat disease (see Disclaimer below).

Uses Of Herbs

Could Candida be your problem?  Take The:

Need the Candida Diet and Instructions?

Natural Pregnancy!
What herbs and supplements are safe and beneficial during pregnancy? Which ones are not? Visit our Natural Pregnancy page to find out.

pH Balance
pH Range

Herbs for your Pets?
Learn what herbal formulas can be used for dogs and cat for wellness.
Need a Colon Rejuvination Program?
Try this program for colon problems.
Have Clogged Arteries?  Problems with Circulation?  Poor Memory?
Try a Mega-Chel Cleanse!
Respiratory problem?
Try this program for lung problems.

Natural Weight Loss
custom for you
Quit Smoking
1 part Lobelia to 2 parts Saint John's Wort
Digestive Problems?
This herbal program can be used when suffering
from digestive problems such as ulcer.


Essential Oils for Your Skin

Doula Essential Oils Kits and Recipes


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