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Prayer Feather

Prayer Feathers

These Prayer Feathers are One of a Kind.  Lovingly hand crafted with prayer.
Use as prayer feather, smudge feather, or can be worn as hair ornament.
Please email us with your special requests!


Double Hand Painted Eagle Feathers with Black Suede, White & Black Glass Beads


Hand Painted Golden Eagle Feather with Black Fluff, White Tip, Red & Black Thread, Red & Black Glass Beads, Red Turquoise Nugget [SOLD]$20.00

Hand Painted Owl Feather with Ring-neck Pheasant, Red & Yellow Thread, Red & Yellow Glass Beads [SOLD]$17.00

Hand Painted Owl Feather with Wild Turkey & Ring-neck Pheasant, Red Cloth, Black Thread, Red, Yellow Brown, Black Glass Beads [SOLD]$17.00
Wild Turkey with Ring-neck Pheasant, Silver Pendant, Blue Glass Bead $17.00
Wild Turkey with Rooster, Ostrich, Tiger-eye Stone, Suede Fringe Handle $17.00
Wild Turkey with Ring-neck Pheasant, White Deer Skin Handle, Blue Thread, Blue & White Glass Beads $17.00
Wild Turkey with Parrot, Guinea Feathers, Dark Brown Suede Handle & Fringe, Green Glass Beads, Brass Cones $17.00
Wild Turkey with Peacock, Blue Fluff, Purple Suede Handle with an Amethyst Stone [SOLD]$20.00


All of our crafts are handmade by us.  We use all authentic materials such as
genuine leather, glass beads, real bone, etc.  We design these items with
a lot of prayer and care.  We hope you enjoy owning them
as much as we enjoy making them!