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  Six Month Colon Rejuvenation Program
To Restore Natural Peristaltic Action

Developed by Dr. Jack Ritchason

This program is designed to restore the natural peristaltic action of the colon. It is done by alternating the two following programs for a period of six months. You change the program every thirty days. Hence, you would follow program one for thirty days and then do program two for thirty days and then go back to program one, again. After six months you will have spent three months on program one and three months on program two.

I have great success using this program for those with chronic constipation.  It's a very effective plan for "retraining" the bowels.

Program Number One

Take the following at night before retiring:

2-4 capsules of LBSII

Add the following to 4-6 oz of juice, shake well and drink:
6 oz Aloe Vera Juice

1 oz Hydrated Bentonite Clay
1 oz Liquid Chlorophyll

1 Tablespoon of Psyllium Hulls

During the day, take the following:

3 acidophilus capsules each day 1/2 hour before breakfast
1 tablespoons of Colloidal Minerals or Mineral Chi once or twice each day in juice

Program Number Two

Take the following anytime day or night:

1 oz Liquid Chlorophyll

1 oz Aloe Vera Juice

At night before retiring, take the following

1 teaspoon of Psyllium Hulls in 4-6 ozs of juice
2-4 capsules LBSII

Persons may not wish to take this much of a lower bowel formula as they progress with the program. In fact, they may not need any of the lower bowel formula by the end of their thirty days.

Comments: With this program you are attempting to have a loose bowel elimination for six months to rebuild and restore the natural muscular action of the colon. The colon is a muscle, but it cannot be exercised in the same manner that you would exercise an arm. You can take a weight and put it in your hand and lift it repeatedly to build up and tone your arm muscle, but you cannot take your colon out of the body to exercise it. Hence, you need to put fiber and other material into the colon that stimulates it to action so that it can be strengthened and toned. One other benefit of this program is that people can lose weight on it.

This program will slowly clean out the pockets and crevices in the colon and will restore the natural muscular action called peristalsis. We stress we want a loose bowel elimination, but we also want this bowel elimination to be controlled. If the bowel elimination becomes too loose (that is watery or excessively runny) you should back down on the LBSII. If the elimination continues to be too loose you should take a teaspoon of psyllium in a glass of juice in the morning.

This does not replace other colon cleansing programs. This program is specifically designed to restore the natural peristaltic action (or to build it up in the person who has never had it). This program does not eliminate the need for other supplements a person might need to take. Some people have also used anti-parasitic herbs (like black walnut) or combinations. One does not need to have enemas or colonic irrigations with this program, however, a person could use a very high colonic irrigation with a garlic solution if they desired, as this would aid the process.

Please note:  This information is for your education.  It is not meant for diagnosis or treatment of disease.  Please consult with a professional health practitioner for advice on your medical conditions.

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