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The Herb Peddler
Our mission ...
 always has and always will be to empower people with knowledge, not just in how to be healthy but how to be free in your health...

All people have the right to be Free!
Free to be healthy...
Free to enjoy financial independence...
Free to be happy...
Free to be...

Charlotte and Timothy Test

Brilliant Body!

The Brilliant Body, Brilliant Business party program offers everyone the opportunity to earn rewards for sharing a simple message of better health through NSP products.

Nature's Sunshine Products

We at The Herb Peddler offer:

Naturopathic Counseling*

Zyto Technology Compass Scan



Nutritional Supplements

Path to A Brilliant Body!
Jump Start Your Health Today!

Your Brilliant Body Starts HereBrilliant Body

A Brilliant Body…

  • Feels vibrant and energetic.
  • Radiates a healthy glow.
  • Is health you can feel and see.

Four Facets to a Brilliant Body

  1. Cleanse and nourish your body using NSP Core Health products.
  2. Achieve and maintain your healthy weight with NSP Weight Management products.
  3. Increase your energy with our Energy and Fitness supplements.
  4. Target specific health challenges with NSP System packs.

1. Core Health     2. Weight Management    3. Energy & Fitness    4. Systems

Steps 1–3. Get the bad stuff out, put good nutrients in, control your weight and boost energy. You build a solid foundation for brilliant health.

JumpStart your health today! JumpStart packs contain products that address steps 1–3 of the Brilliant Body “process.” They help a new person feel the health benefits of NSP products immediately.

  1. Core Health. Take vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. And cleanse your body of waste and toxins.
  2. Weight Management. Replace one or two meals a day with a tasty, nutritious SmartMeal Shake to achieve a healthy weight.
  3. Use Solstic Energy drinks for more energy and vitality every day.

JumpStart contains:

  • Super Supplemental Vitamins and Minerals (without iron)
  • SmartMeal Vanilla and SmartMeal Chai (30 servings total)
  • Solstic Energy (30 stick packets)

JumpStart Plus contains:

  • SSmartMeal Vanilla and SmartMeal Chai (30 servings total)
  • Solstic Energy (30 stick packets)
  • PLUS Super Trio® with vitamins, minerals, powerful antioxidants (supports circulatory and immune system health) and essential omega-3 fatty acids (supports heart health and cell membranes). 

JumpStart Complete contains:

  • SmartMeal Vanilla and SmartMeal Chai (30 servings total)
  • Solstic Energy (30 stick packets)
  • Super Trio® Fact Sheet
  • PLUS Wild Berry CleanStart® cleanse/detox program (helps detoxify the entire body, enhances waste elimination, helps clean the intestinal walls and deodorize the body).


 Step 4. When you have a solid foundation, target attention to your specific needs using system packs.

Take Our Free Health Assessment to Determine Your System Needs

know your body!

The New Brilliant Body Health Analysis compares your health concerns with each of your 10 body systems.
Brilliant Bodies

Please see our Herbal Hours page to learn how you can schedule a Brilliant Body presentation with us!


graphics and content source: Nature's Sunshine Products, Inc.

Tim and Charlotte



Charlotte and Timothy Test, Naturopaths
Nature's Sunshine Independent Distributor Managers