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The Herb Peddler

Our mission ...
 always has and always will be to empower people with knowledge, not just in how to be healthy but how to be free in your health...

All people have the right to be Free!
Free to be healthy...
Free to enjoy financial independence...
Free to be happy...
Free to be...

Charlotte and Timothy Test


Please note: The Herb Peddler is only available for online ordering.  We do not have a store location.
***If you would like place an order by phone, please call us at 717-978-0774.***
dohi Center for Well-being has moved to
1663 East Main Street, Waynesboro, PA
Office hours are Monday thru Friday from 9AM until 5PM for appointments only.  Call us at dohi Center 717-479-4980 to schedule with us.
At dohi Center, we offer a variety of services in counseling so that we can help you make the best possible decisions in health and well-being!

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Naturopathy - Natural Lifestyle Coaching*

Zyto Technology Elite Scan



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We sell medicinal herbs and nutritional supplements on this website. We are Master Herbalists and Traditional Naturopaths who can provide you guidance for your natural lifestyle! We have a lot of education and experience in natural wellness so that you can be sure you are in good hands!
Check out the pages on our website for details and don't forget to check out our Herbal Hour blog too!

Confused about herbs, essential oils, and supplements in general?  Not sure what you should take? We take the guess work out of determining your own unique needs in supplementation! There is NO need to take an herb or supplement just because you heard it will benefit you. Why guess, when you can know? We can determine what to choose by running a ZYTO Elite bioscan. This simple, non-invasive bioscan provides a detailed report on items such as what foods are disruptive to your ownCompass balance, what toxins are an issue for you including pathogens and environmental contaminants. We can also customize a remedy for you based upon your own energetic needs. This is state-of-the-art technology that provides you with NATURAL solutions! No drugs, no surgery. We only deal with natural solutions to benefit your overall well-being. 

ZYTO Elite Scan

ZYTO technology enables a computer to communicate with your body. By placing your hand on the Hand Cradle, an energetic connection is established allowing ZYTO to essentially ‘ask your body questions’ and record your body’s responses or ‘answers’. We call this biocommunication, and it can provide you and your healthcare provider with powerful new insights into health and nutrition.

We can customize your report and output to be brand specific.  Nature's Sunshine Products, doTERRA Essential Oils, Young Living Essential Oils, and many more brands are available.  For a complete list visit ZYTO Libraries and look for your brand under the "Select and Elite Libraries" heading.  Please let us know what you prefer when scheduling your appointment.


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If you have any medical health care questions, please consult a professional medical provider